Building Your Podcast Brand

Building Your Podcast Brand

Building your brand name might appear to you like a phrase that belongs in a business conference room as well as does not put on your podcast. This might not be further from the truth. As high as you may seem like a small-time independent podcast developer, the fact remains that there in order to build your podcast audience you are going to have to market your podcast.

Part of that advertising plan should consist of constructing your on-line brand and figuring out how to market it.

If you resemble me then you were born, unfortunately, without a solitary advertising and marketing bone in your body. So below are the essentials of creating a brand name for your podcast.

Podcast Name

This might come conveniently for a few of you, the name of your podcast might have been the first thing that you developed when you chose to do a podcast. If you haven’t chosen a podcast name yet, here are a few suggestions to consider.

Your podcast name ought to connect right into your podcast topic somehow. If you are podcasting about quilting it makes no sense to call your podcast the SuperNova Podcast. That might sound like sound judgment to several of you, yet I have actually seen some insane podcast names out there.

Do not make your podcast title something obscure that you will certainly value however others will certainly discover confusing. You want a name that is quickly identifiable and also relatable for your podcast audience to make sure that they will certainly remember you. Often you can take a wager and offer your podcast a peculiar name and also hope to be memorable due to the fact that the name is so different, this is a large wager and also occasionally you got ta know when to fold ’em.

If you plan on having a site, and I highly suggest you do, then you need to bring your web site into consideration also. If you are mosting likely to register your own domain name for your website then you will certainly intend to select a name for your podcast for which the internet site domain is still readily available.

If your podcast is entitled The SuperNova Podcast but that domain name is currently taken and so you register you are mosting likely to confuse your target market as well as there will be a disconnect there. It would certainly be a much better option just to rename your podcast AstronomyCast.


Having a tagline is optional, there are a lot of successful podcasts that do not have a particular tagline however often they are nice when rounding out a brand. Often taglines can be utilized to elaborate on a podcast title that you had to shorten due to the fact that it was also long.

Call your podcast AstronomyCast, and also have your tagline be – SuperNovas, Black Holes and More …

Color design

I can not worry enough exactly how vital the color pattern for your podcast is. It will translate across the board to all of the marketing you do. If you rush to decide on shade and afterwards you transform your mind later on, it will make for a lot of work as you need to go back and also re-design your internet site, logo designs, calling card, everything else. If you aren’t shade coordinated, browse Wired Clip and also take a look at the websites you constant.

See what sort of color schemes they are making use of and attempt to get a suggestion of what jobs and also what does not benefit you, after that equate that into what you think fits your podcast. Likewise pay attention to what colors individuals use for histories text etc. For a lot of people having a black history and white text is difficult to read, search for trends like that and also avoid from them if in any way feasible.

Ensure that you have invested sufficient time selecting a color scheme that you are mosting likely to more than happy with it for the long haul. If I were to transform the color pattern on my website with no warning, many people who frequent the site daily would wonder if they had actually arrived on the incorrect site, merely because of the extreme adjustment in look. You never wish to confuse or shock your target market in this way.

I discuss color schemes a lot due to the fact that this was one of the locations that I stopped working in badly when I started my first podcast. That podcast underwent at the very least 4 various color schemes and website re-designs before I ultimately discovered one that I liked.

Whenever I transformed the design, my internet site web traffic to a dip and it took a while to bring those individuals back in. If I had just spent more time in the preparation of my brand name and site I would not have had to function so difficult to reconstruct the target market that I had actually lost.


The logo is essential because it will certainly many times be your Avatar as well. It will be your image in the iTunes directory, will certainly be presented on your site, on calling card, anywhere. If you are not a visuals artist I advise locating one to develop a logo design for you. This needs to look professional, a logo design that looks homemade will certainly not provide the impression that you want for your podcast. You are mosting likely to desire one that looks a little much more brightened.

If you can afford to hire someone to do this for you, there are a number of companies that do logo layout. If you are on a tight podcasting spending plan then I would suggest one of two choices:

· Ask a buddy who is a graphic musician to do the layout for you

· Most likely to your neighborhood university and also publish an advertisement in the art department requesting assistance for a marginal cost. Art trainees are usually seeking ways to increase their portfolio. Offer to connect back to their site if they have one as well as mention them in your podcast.

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