Algeria and Canada Alliance of Business & Property Building Opportunities 

Excellent bilateral relations exist between Canada and Algeria. Canada recognized Algeria as an independent state in 1964 after the North African nation gained independence from France in 1962. The trade is imbalanced in favor of Algeria although there are many Canadian firms with a presence in Algeria. Plenty of business opportunities exist in Algeria suitable for Canadian interests. Algeria is one of the largest exporters of oil to Canada. It is Canada’s largest trade partner on the African continent.

The relationship between the two countries has been cemented by visits of leaders of the two nations. Agreements have been made between the two nations to create an environment that will boost bilateral trade. Companies in Canada can take advantage of these agreements and exploit opportunities created by the fast growth Algerian economy.

Using labour and materials from Algeria for the real estate in Canada
The good relations between the two countries have encouraged migration of their citizens. Canada receives millions of migrants from various parts of the world. Algeria has the third highest number of immigrants to Canada. There are about 60,000 Algerian immigrants residing in Canada. The large number of immigrants has pushed demand for real estate in the country. A lot of building is being witnessed in real estate. Real estate companies in Canada can take advantage of affordable Algerian labor. Canadian educational institutions help equip Algerians with the knowledge and skills required in building construction. This ensures that they are able to deliver quality services as needed in the building industry.

Different building materials are available in Algeria. Real estate in Canada can make use of these materials by borrowing from Algerian architecture. Builders look for materials from other places to make their structures more attractive. Materials sourced from Algeria are also more affordable than what is available locally. Therefore, the real estate can be constructed at lower costs and make it more affordable to buyers.

How to source for labor and materials
It may not be possible for building firms in Canada to identify where to find materials and labor in Algeria. They can seek the help of agencies dedicated for this kind of work. The agencies have the necessary connections to find suppliers of the required materials. They hold discussions with the suppliers on behalf of the buyers. With the right connections on the ground it is easy to deal with the suppliers without breaking any laws.

Moving the materials to Canada is another problem that needs to be addressed properly. The agencies have resources to ensure the materials are delivered on time. Being a desert country, Canadian residents may find it hard to survive there. It is a lot easier and cost effective for the builders to engage the agencies while sourcing the materials. Agencies available for these services are highly efficient in their work.

Labor is an important ingredient required in construction work. Manual labor may be hard to come by in Canada. Therefore, building firms can take advantage of labor resources available in Algeria. Algeria has a high population and most of the people may not be absorbed in local industries. It is the work of agencies to select the people who are most suited for construction work in Canada. Communication between the people of the two nations is made simple because of the use of the French language.

Before the laborers are allowed to travel to Canada, the agencies ensure they meet all the necessary conditions. Apart from being able to provide the required services, they should not pose security threat to Canadian citizens. The world is under the constant threat of terrorism. It is therefore wise to have the people vetted carefully before they are allowed to travel to Canada. The vetting is done in conjunction with government authorities to ensure all the laws are adhered to.

Taking advantage of the fast growing economies
The economies of Canada and Algeria are growing very quickly. When the economies grow, it means the purchasing power of the people is improved. As a result, there will be more demand for goods and services from each of the nations. Based on the cordial relations between the two nations, their economies are going to benefit. There will be more job opportunities and products for the export markets.

Further agreements have been reached to allow people to fly conveniently between the two trade partners. Advantages are available for business people traveling to Algeria from Canada. The business community in Canada has come together and formed the Canada Algeria Business Alliance (CABA) with the aim of identifying and exploiting trade opportunities in Algeria. It was formed in 2004 by Canadian companies with a presence in Algeria.

Testimonials from Canadian builders
“The cost of constructing buildings keeps rising. We have identified a way of sourcing materials from other places. This is cheaper than sourcing the materials locally. We have worked with this agency on a number of occasions and their service delivery is top of the range. Once we gave them our specifications, we left it to them and our deliveries were made as expected. Our project was completed within the expected time. It would not have been easy if we had taken the task of sourcing the materials on our own”.

“The efficiency with which the services were delivered was commendable. Our project may have fallen behind schedule if we had not considered hiring an agency working in Algeria. We were not involved in the process at all. We were able to concentrate on the work of completing the construction. It could have been very frustrating for our customers if there were delays. The quality of the materials is satisfactory. Our clients are satisfied with the products we sell to them”.

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